Ohfamoos wird überall auf der Welt gelesen — 5 Kommentare

  1. „irritated“ by an English speaker alighting on a „German-only“ blog, you could have told the internet before my eyes were drawn to your output😉

    Always nice to be mentioned in Despatches😁 and thankfully the statistics are readily available, yet I am puzzled that my niche output has been visited 4,637,631 times since launch in 2009!

    • and why do I need to speak German, let alone any other language, when my German family, all of them, address me in English, plus my Swiss family, whilst being in a French speaking Canton, also use English!

      Folks globally just seem to be drawn to me as they desire to practice their English language skills on me, as you used to Sonja. Did I ever stop you conversing in German with me🤐

  2. Habe Ohfamoos erst kürzlich über einen langen Umweg in die 80er Jahre in Frankfurt/Main entdeckt. 😅😂 Damals gab es noch die legendäre Music Hall in der Künstlerinnen wie Marianne Faithful gerne auftraten. Ich schob allerdings um die Ecke Nachtdienste bei einem Kreditkartenunternehmen, um meine Reisen zu finanzieren. Those where the days aber sie waren wichtig, denn sie führten mich nicht überall hin aber u.a. nach Dubai und heute nach Madrid wo ich gerade ein leckeres Glas Wein genieße und mich über den Blog von Ohfamoos aus LICH in Hessen (out of all places 👍😂) freue. Danke dafür 🙏

    • Gosh Madrid, right up there with my favourite places on this globe, yet I only discovered it when I returned to the UK after a couple of decades in the Middle East!

      What a banquet of art is laid out for our consumption, with Goya claiming my devotion.

      Enjoy the wine and your time in Madrid💃

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